Aaron Comess

382 – Aaron Comess: How to develop self-awareness, find balance and be true to yourself

Aaron Comess makes his second appearance on the podcast and for good reason. The founding and longtime member of The Spin Doctors has not only been in the same band for close to 30 years, but has also established himself as both a sideman and bandleader in the NYC Jazz Scene. We dig into a wide variety of topics as Aaron always serves up nuggets of wisdom for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

Aaron Comess talks about:

  • What he’s been up to since his last appearance on the podcast
  • Creative outlets vs commercial outlets
  • Touching on the backstory of the Spin Doctors
  • Loving all types of music
  • The art of juggling multiple projects
  • Whether it’s better to focus on one thing or work on multiple things
  • Working on what you’re good at
  • The pitfalls of trying to be someone we’re not
  • What makes a great drummer
  • The rollercoaster of success
  • Reinventing yourself
  • How he developed his pocket
  • The difference between sideman and band member
  • Much more

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