Steve Pruitt

337 – Steve Pruitt: How to develop a strong conceptual foundation

Steve Pruitt the Oklahoma native who moved to Texas to study with Ed Soph at University of North Texas found himself thrust into the music scene of Denton, Texas. He was one of the original drummers in Snarky Puppy and was regularly gigging with a variety of different artists. But, finding the need to reinvent himself and get out of a rut, Steve decided to make a drastic change and move to Seoul, South Korea. Steve is an active player, educator and clinician and can be found playing all over the world.

Steve Pruitt talks about:

  • Growing up in Oklahoma and the move to North Texas
  • Studying under Ed Soph
  • The early formation of Snarky Puppy
  • Why he decided to move to South Korea
  • How he hit the ground running after his move to South Korea
  • The pros/cons of music school
  • The art of soloing and arranging
  • Why there’s no success without hard work
  • Dealing with failure & why you won’t get every gig
  • His clinic and teaching philosophy

Resources  / Links / People mentioned:

Steve Pruitt plays:

  • Promark Drumsticks
  • Sabian Cymbals
  • Canopus Drums
  • Evans Drumheads
  • Puresound
  • T&R products
  • Tru Tuner