514 – Matt Musty: Getting on with Train

Matt Musty isn’t afraid of hard work. After moving from the east coast to Nashville and now Los Angeles, Musty has kept one thing consistent: his work ethic. Matt took every gig he could and even drove for Uber when he first moved to LA to supplement his income and he did it all in true Matt Musty style…with a smile on his face. If you’ve ever spent any amount of time with Matt you realize what has made him so successful over the years. Yes, he’s a great talent, but he’s also warm, kind, genuine and keeps you laughing the whole time. There’s no wonder why bands are jumping at the chance to work with him.

After a long stint with Grace Potter (who is a dear friend of his), Matt made the decision to evolve and join Train, replacing Drew Shoals after he decided to go back to practicing law.

Matt Musty talks about:

  • His moves from the East Coast to Nashville to Los Angeles
  • Having a day gig while you’re working towards your goals
  • Embracing the hard work of chasing your dream
  • Landing the gig with Grace Potter
  • The audition process ton get the Train gig
  • How he made the decision to leave Grace Potter and join Train
  • Learning the Train show (and the technical aspects he had to learn)
  • The pros and cons of touring
  • Where his work ethic comes from
  • Much more

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