Jeff Goins

414 – Real Artists Don’t Starve with Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins isn’t a drummer – far from it. In fact, he used to play in a band called “decaf” that specifically didn’t have a drummer. So why have him on the podcast? Because we’ve all heard the term “starving artists” before and Jeff’s book “Real Artists Don’t Starve” not only dispels the limiting belief that we have to starve for our craft but also offers up solid, real-world examples of artists who are thriving with their craft and how you can too.

Jeff Goins talks about:

  • Leaving his job to pursue writing full time
  • How he was able to replace both his and his wife’s income in 18 months
  • Where the idea of the starving artist came from
  • The difference between a starving artists and a thriving artist
  • How to make your passion and your art your full time job
  • much more

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