494 – Mark Stepro: One foot in front of the other

Mark Stepro has built a career by design. He’s played on every major late night show and regularly tours and records major-label records with Butch Walker including, Train, Rob Thomas, Gavin DeGraw, etc. Stepro has positioned himself to thrive by staying in his own lane. Rather than being everything to everyone he’s carved out a niche for himself that he enjoys and continues to serve him well. The best part? You can do the same thing.

In this podcast you’ll hear Mark Stepro talk about:

  • Growing up in Ohio
  • Getting into the NYC music scene as a newcomer
  • A major change in music cities between today and the 80’s-90’s
  • Being a pro drummer and without letting drums take over your life
  • How important it is to say “yes” to most opportunities when starting out
  • The importance of being part of the musical community you’re inhabiting
  • Working with Butch Walker
  • Blurring the lines between ‘session musician’ and ‘band musician’
  • How to get more recording opportunities as a recording drummer
  • Much more

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  1. Steven Gifford
    Steven Gifford says:

    Steven G. here- another Pro Drummer from the same hometown as Mark – Galion, Ohio. I’ve tried to reach out to Mark- but to no success. Maybe he’ll see this. Had his pops for a teach. Mr. Stepro is a legend teacher here in Galion. I played in GHS – Marines- and now own http://www.DrummerUp.com let’s talk.

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