Jefferson Eyewear

348 – Behind the brand with Gerd Booten of Jefferson Eyewear

Gerd Booten is making a name for his eyeware company (Jefferson Eyeware) one drum kit at a time. Sunglasses have been around for thousands of years, but what makes Gerd’s shades different is that they’re made from drum shells and cymbals. As if that wasn’t cool enough, many of the pairs are made from famous drummers’ shells when they kit is retired from a tour or a clinic. I brought Gerd on the show to chat about how and why he started his company, some of the challenges he faced with brining a new, drumming-related product to market and the love he’s been shown from drummers all over the globe.

Gerd Booten talks about:

  • How he got into making sunglasses
  • Why he decided to make sunglasses form drums and cymbals
  • The initial steps he took to make his first few demo pairs
  • How the glasses are made
  • Overcoming some of the early obstacles as a new business
  • Getting into retail
  • How he got connected to Elton John
  • Getting media attention
  • Starting small and ramping off
  • Much more

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