535 – [Daniel Glass Show]: Yes, Rudiments Do Matter. Here’s 5 Reasons Why.

Although rudiments are the building blocks of every beat, pattern, fill, and solo that we play, many drummers feel it’s not necessary to study the rudiments as part of their development. In this podcast, Daniel looks at the evolution of rudiments, and offers five reasons why it’s imperative for every drummer to spend time working on doubles, diddles and drags!

What’s covered in this session:

  • Daniel offers five reasons why it makes practical sense for every drummer to study and practice rudiments:
    • Reason #1: Rudiments connect us with our history.
      • The fact that they’ve been used for more than 400 years means there’s still good reason for learning them today.
    • Reason #2: Rudiments force us to focus on the hands.
      • They demand that we put our focus on grip, form and other details of how we manipulate the sticks.
    • Reason #3: Knowing the rudiments gives us CLARITY.
      • Clarity implies that whatever we play on the drums can be clearly understood by the listener.
    • Reason #4: Rudiments are portable.
      • They can be moved from a pad or snare drum to multiple surfaces.
    • Reason #5: Understanding rudiments is the fastest way to improve.
      • “Dissecting” rudiments will help you learn the role that each individual hand plays.

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