498 – Dave Watts (The Motet): In the driver’s seat

The Motet’s Dave Watts is part of a bustling live music scene in Denver, CO. The scene has been grabbing attention as of late as an artist-friendly Mecca for musicians who are looking for a supportive community of fans. What makes Dave’s situation unique is that he’s not new to the Denver scene. The east coaster had been there since the early 90’s after a stint at Berklee and came up through the ranks with a who’s who list of acts including Phish, notorious for frequent shows in the Denver area. Dave’s band, The Motet, which started as “Dave Watt’s Motet” with a revolving cast of artists playing local clubs, has evolved into a full touring outfit headlining venues across the country including red rocks.

Dave Watts talks about:

  • Moving from the East Coast to Denver, CO
  • His songwriting process for The Motet
  • His musical influences
  • Why he thinks drummers nowadays are more open to sharing knowledge
  • How he identifies what he should be practicing
  • Ideas for practicing with the click
  • How to get a band started and going
  • The musical evolution of The Motet
  • Much more

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