Mike Miller

118 – Challenges, hard work and never looking back with Mike Miller from Vanguard Investment Co.

In this podcast I interviewed Mike Miller – a managing director at Vanguard Investment Company. Through his successful career Mike has not only overcome obstacles in both his personal and business life, but has also maintained a positive attitude and strong work ethic through it all. Listen in as Mike talks about his principles of success, how he stays focused and organized and his advice for anyone who is looking to achieve and grow.

“Growth is constant – Man is constantly growing. And when he is bound by a set pattern or ideas or “way” of doing things, that when he stops growing” – Bruce Lee

In this Podcast Mike Miller talks about:

  • His early career
  • Struggles in business
  • The value of work ethic
  • “Grit” and the importance of it
  • Personal struggles with his son’s near-death accident
  • Setting small goals and building on them
  • Tradeoffs in life and what is important to you
  • Advice for achieving success in your own life

“Never look back” – Satchel Paige (Tweet this)

Resources and Links Mentioned:

  • Contact Mike Miller: Linkedin
    The Road Back: A journey of grace and grit.

    The Road Back: A journey of grace and grit.

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