Kevin Murphy

551 – Kevin Murphy: On Music and Money

Nashville drummer Kevin Murphy makes his second appearance on the podcast with a no-holds-barred conversation about music and money and the misconceptions around both. Known for his work with Tonic, Randy Houser, and Big & Rich and his current gig, Jon Pardi, Kevin has a wealth of knowledge and experience that needs to be shared, especially with up and coming drummers looking to make a career as a freelance musician.

Kevin talks about:

  • Why being multi-faceted can help you in the business
  • How a near-death experience motivated him to improve his lifestyle
  • The damage ignorance on social media does to young drummers
  • The importance of figuring out what it is you ultimately want and lining up your habits to succeed in that
  • Defining the difference between what you need and what you want
  • Thinking long term on finances when you’re young
  • Diversifying what you know and how you earn money beyond drumming
  • How to figure out how to value yourself financially as a new drummer

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