Alex Bailey

418 – Alex Bailey: Searching for something

It’s safe to say that Alex Bailey is a phenom. By age ten Alex was playing professionally before he went on to study at Berklee College of Music, and eventually landing the gig with Grammy Award winning bassist, Marcus Miller. Alex’s resume is impressive to say the least, boasting performances with Judith Hill, Chiddy Bang, Dessy Di Lauro, Elan Trotman, Jon Barnes, Ryan Saranich, Gerald Vesley, Brian Simpson, Andre Ward, Zenzo Matoga, Ashmont Hill, David ‘Fuze’ Fiuczynski, Jack DeJohnette, Phil Perry, JoAnn Condury, Oscar Peterson, and many more. In 2017, Alex stepped out as a bandleader with his first record under his own name, titled Searching for Something.

Alex Bailey talks about:

  • Growing up in a musical family and starting out in drums at 3 years old
  • The one moment in his youth that really motivated him to study reading, rudiments and theory
  • His time studying at Berklee College of Music
  • Being on tour with Marcus Miller
  • The power of accountability
  • His solo record “Searching For Something”
  • The positive influence of today’s technology on music and drumming
  • The evolution of samples and how he uses samples when playing live
  • Adapting your playing to the acoustics of each venue
  • How social media can bring people together
  • Much more

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