Jeremy Hummel

125 – Jeremy Hummel: Breaking Benjamin’s co-founder talks music, life and his passion for teaching.

In this podcast I talk to Jeremy Hummel, the original drummer and founding member of Breaking Benjamin. Throughout the early 2000’s Jeremy toured all over the word packing playing in stadiums and arenas to raving fans. Now, Jeremy spends most of his time focusing on his other true passion – teaching. Hummel is an active educator, Modern Drummer Magazine contributor and is part of the Sabian Education Network.

“If you re not improving you re falling behind.” (Tweet this)

In this podcast Jeremy Hummel talks about:

  • His early career and gigging at 9 years old!
  • Starting Breaking Benjamin
  • How they grew their audience
  • His time after Breaking Benjamin
  • Vanilla Ice <—  Yup!
  • Our mutual love for old-school hip hop
  • His passion for teaching
  • Much more.

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Jeremy Hummel Plays:

  • Ludwig
  • Sabian
  • Evans
  • Vic Firth
  • Puresound
  • LP

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