489 – Kevin Stevens: Removing your limiting beliefs

Kevin Stevens is a hustler. Not in the bad sense of the word, but someone who works hard to maintain a freelance career that has spanned both coasts, a few decades and innumerable bands and creative projects, including: Duane Eddy, Steve Jones, Rock of Ages (musical), Gruff Rhys, Boom Bip, Minnie Driver, Jimmy Kimmel House Band, Beto Cuevas, Lucy Woodward, and a staff position at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.

From an outsiders perspective, it would be easy to classify Kevin as a lucky drummer who seems to get a lot of good breaks, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Kevin succeeds because of hard work, dedication and a love for the craft. Admittedly, Kevin suffers from the same limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome that we all do. What he’s done over the years is learn to deal with and reframe them into a self-affirming, self-serving mindset.

In this podcast you’ll hear Kevin Stevens talk about:

  • The Denver music scene
  • How he got into drums being 8 years old
  • His take on people who struggle to make it as professional musicians
  • Making the decision to go all in on drumming
  • The influence of positive and negative reinforcement from parents 
  • His thoughts on the importance of mindset and spirituality
  • Preparing for the actual life of being a professional musician
  • Networking tips and philosophies
  • Teaching at Musician’s Institute (PIT) in Hollywood
  • Much more

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