157 – [#AskRuffini]: Soloing , doubles and weak hand development

I get a ton of emails, messages, tweets, etc asking all sorts of questions ranging from “How can I practice better?” to “What’s your favorite food?” and everything in between.  Rather than replying to the messages individually I want these answers to benefit everyone in the Drummer’s Resource Community, so I decided to add them to the podcast.

“Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers.” – Robert Half (Tweet this)

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The questions…

I want to improve is my left hand, so in singles strokes as in doubles, but primarily in singles. Can you help?

– Fernando

How do I break into the music scene as a drummer. I live in Los Angeles and am currently in a band that has been playing out every month. It’s been great but I’m looking to get into more session work and join a wedding/general booking band. I have gotten some contact leads since coming here but it’s been very difficult to break in none the less.

– Cole

My main struggle right now is in soloing. I feel like I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t ever want to take one. I always end up getting too busy and going crazy. Any advice?

– Neal

My struggle is with playing clean doubles. I also feel like i”m not able to express myself on the drums because I don’t like to overplay. Any suggestions would be appreciated. –

– Leonard

Article referenced -> Strengthening your weak hand

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