Jerry Marotta

317 – Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel / Hall & Oates) A man of many hats

If you tried to nail down Jerry Marotta to a certain genre of music, you’d have a hard time…even harder would be to try to keep track of his gigs with the long list of acts he’s currently performing with. Known for his work with artists including Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, Arthur, Hurley & Gottlieb, The Indigo Girls and many others, Jerry has been hard at work since the 70’s. Now he’s focused on his current projects: Security Project – re-envisioning the music of Peter Gabriel. (Band features Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Michael Cozzi (Shriekback, Sky Cries Mary) and vocalist Happy Rhodes, The Fragile Fate – Progressive ambient soundscapes with Jerry, Rupert Greenall (keyboardist from The Fixx, The Marotta Brothers Band with brother Rick. 

Jerry Marotta talks about:

  • Growing up playing drums (with his brother Rick)
  • Getting his first real gig at 17
  • Working with Peter Gabriel
  • His love for R&B music
  • The wage rates of musicians
  • His new musical projects
  • Much more

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