Donavan Hepburn

425 – Donavan Hepburn: No Excuses

Donavan Hepburn, the UK native who’s currently holding down the drum throne for both Jeff Lynne’s ELO and Take That shows now signs of slowing. Donavan’s “go get ‘em, no excuses” attitude has proven successful for him over the years and can serve inspiration for anyone who’s ever wanted to achieve anything in their career or life.

Donavan Hepburn Talks about:

  • Growing up playing in church with his older brother’s drum kit
  • His work ethic in his early drumming years
  • Maturing as a musician and learning to live in the moment
  • His other projects outside of being a drummer
  • Making the most out of time between tours
  • His thoughts on how to get work in the music industry
  • Getting the gig with Jeff Lynn from ELO
  • Much more

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