Jon Epcar

432 – Jon Epcar: Trust the process

Jon Epcar, born and raised in LA shares ties with the East Coast, too. A graduate from Berklee and 10-year NYC resident, Epcar’s path has been one full of hard work, patience and a little bit of luck. Epcar never had his eyes set on Broadway…in fact, he was “not at all interested” in Broadway before landing the gig for Spiderman. From there he’s gone on to be a well respected Broadway drummer who enjoys working with great musicians and the challenges of performing with a conductor.

Jon Epcar talks about:

  • Being born and raised in LA
  • The importance of his supportive parents
  • His first drum set
  • The move from LA to Boston to attend Berklee
  • How he unexpectedly landed the gig for Spiderman on Broadway (and working with The Edge and Bono)
  • The pros and cons of Broadway
  • The challenges of working with a conductor
  • Thoughts on how others can break into the Broadway scene
  • Much more

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