Dave DiCenso

167 – Dave DiCenso: Overcoming Rhythmic, Mental and Physical Roadblocks

In this podcast I talk to Dave Dicenso, who has played with a slew of artists including: Steve Morse Band, Cro-Mags,  Hiromi, Duran Duran, John Petrucci, Gary Cherone, Suze DeMarchi, Johnny A and is currently the drummer for Josh Groban. When I first heard Dave play I was blown away…not only because of his obvious talent, but also is ability to play musically with both power and finesse. (Check the videos below to see what I mean)

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t.” – Thomas A. Edison (Tweet this)

Dave DiCenso talks about:

  • How he get started playing
  • His early learning process
  • Rhythm and Drumming Demystified (Book)
  • Universal Rhythms (Book)
  • Clave and how it’s the most common rhythmic context in the world
  • Dealing with injury
  • Mental blocks with playing
  • Developing both power and finesse
  • Much more

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Dave DiCenso Plays:

  • Zildjian Cymbals
  • Remo Drumheads
  • Vater Drumsticks
  • DW Hardware and Pedals
  • Drumtacs

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4 replies
  1. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    I loved this episode. I don’t think there is enough information in the drummijg community in general regarding keeping your health up and how it affects your overall playing.

    Keep up the killer work Nick!

  2. Paul McAteer
    Paul McAteer says:

    Hi Nick…What a wonderful interview with the great Dave diCenso! Dave gives a great account of how he has managed his great musical gift over his career so far. Life affirming stuff and he’s not a bad singer either. Thanks for doing it.

    • Nick
      Nick says:

      Paul..I appreciate the feedback. Glad to hear you liked it! If you haven’t already, I’d love an honest rating/review of the podcast on iTunes!


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