2018 top 10

457 – Recapping the top 10 episodes of 2018

We released over 100 episodes in 2018, and while all of them were packed with useful knowledge, some of them stood our from the rest.

This episode recaps the top 10 episodes of 2018 (by download) and includes snippets from each to so you can glean information from each of them, in small, one-minute clips.

Top 10 episodes of 2018:

10. Aaron Comess
9. Dissecting rudiments
8. Charlie Hall (The War on Drugs)
7. Carter McLean
6. Five things you don’t know about John Bonham
5. Chris Coleman
4. Bill Bruford
3. Jon Fishman (Part 2)
2. Josh Freese
1. Jon Fishman (Part 1)

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