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144: [Special Edition] The Shuffle with James Gadson and Tony Braunagel

In this podcast I do something a little different and take the audio from a video lesson and discussion with James Gadson, Tony Braunagel and Don Lombardi (founder of DW and Drumchannel.com). This lesson was all about the shuffle, why it’s important, variations, and much more. As I said, this is a little different and the reasoning behind it is because the shuffle is by far the most important groove (in my opinion) and I want everyone to know more about it, hear it, play it and learn it. What better way to have James, Tony and Don talk about it? The best part is that you can also watch the video here.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start…anyone can go back and make a brand new beginning.”
-Carl Bard (Tweet this)

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"The Shuffle" with Tony Braunagel and James Gadson

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