Rich Redmond

151: Rich Redmond – Why you need to be multi-faceted

In this podcast I check in with Rich Redmond while he’s on the road with Jason Aldean. This is Rich’s second time on the podcast and we cover the importance of being multi-faceted and get in detail about what it really takes to make a career in the music business. Rich, who is no stranger to hard work and hustle, paints a realistic picture of life as a sideman for a major country star.

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man!” – Jay-Z (Tweet this)

Rich Redmond talks about:

  • What touring life is like
  • Why everyone needs to be multi-faceted
  • The importance of being an entrepreneur
  • Branching out into acting
  • The power of hard work
  • The law of attraction
  • His C.R.A.S.H course for success

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Rich Redmond Plays:

  • DW Drums
  • Sabian Cymbals
  • Remo Drumheads
  • Promark Drumsticks
  • Drumtacs
  • Cympad

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