396 – [Daniel Glass Show]: Six Strategies for Working With A Singer

Whether you play in a single band, or work as a freelancer with a variety of artists, its incumbent for every drummer to seek a deeper understanding of the role and position of the singer. Doing so is not only essential for the overall success of any musical endeavor, but also vital towards making us more  “employable” in the long run.

What’s covered in this session:

  • Why approaching music from a purely “drum-centric”can be counter productive.
  • Why we should stop stereotyping singers as rivals, irritants or something to be ignored.
  • A deeper historical look at why the singer has become the focal point of just about every musical situation today.
  • Six strategies to understand (and work more effectively) with a singer:
    • Understand What the Singer is Singing
    • Understand What the Singer is Doing
    • Understand How to Create Space
    • Understand Women (and Respect Them!)
    • Understand Humility

Resources/Links/People Mentioned:

  • Daniel’s “Drummer, Author, Educator” Facebook page, which offers daily insights designed to help drummers understand their role with greater perspective and empathy.


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