Chris Layton

356 – Chris Layton (Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble): Get knocked down 9 times, get up 10

Chris Layton, founding member of the band Double Trouble led by Stevie Ray Vaughan, is a staple in the blues and rock world, know for his impeccable time and driving shuffle. Layton played with Vaughan and Double Trouble until Stevie’s tragic death in 1990. After struggling for years after the accident, citing Vaughan’s death as the “worst thing that evert happened to me” he managed to pick himself up, get back out there playing music. The result being the formation of original bands “Storyville and Arc Angeles plus performing with artists including Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Eric Johnson, and Susan Tedeschi.

Chris Layton talks about:

  • His early years as a drummer
  • Growing up in Corpus Christi
  • The first day he met Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Taking a big risk to play with Stevie when everyone advised him against it
  • Dealing with Stevie’s death
  • Getting back into music
  • much more

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1 reply
  1. Bronson Niblett
    Bronson Niblett says:

    Kia ora / hello Nick and all the crew at Drummers Resource!

    I’ve listened to some of the podcasts / interviews, not many, but this would be my favourite, hands down.

    I’d never heard of Stevie and Double Trouble until I got picked up by my dad to stay with him in the holidays. He and my mum broke up when I was a baby.

    So we’re driving along in his van listening to a tape of theirs, maybe Texas Flood, I’m not sure.

    The tape finishes and we put on the radio. The news comes on and they say that Stevie Ray Vaughan has died in a helicopter accident.

    That was an extremely surreal moment and especially as I’d just got to hear them for probably the first time. So to listen to Chris Layton talk about this and his story with Stevie and his musings on life was fantastic. An honour.

    Can you please pass on my personal thanks Nick as many things he talked about resonated with me. Probably the main one is where he says people talk about they can’t do something. And Chris goes well you probably can’t.

    This has been a hindrance in my life and have had some really hard times in the last two years. Being let go from a job twice then late last year nearly taking my life after injuring myself and being in a hole financially. If I want to be the captain of my life there is no room for negativity.

    I’m 42, with two beautiful daughters and an amazing wife. Life has knocked me down a few times but I keep getting up cos the alternative isn’t as option.

    Thank you Nick and the whole Drummers Resource team. Please send my heartfelt thanks to Chris for talking time out to share his story.

    Cheers, Bronson.

    Brisbane, Australia
    (Originally from Aotearoa / NZ)

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