Yesod Williams

511 – Yesod Williams (Pepper): Take a chance

Yesod Williams, the Kona, HI born drummer who’s band Pepper has been on the scene since the 90’s has created a quite the career for himself by taking a chance. After a visit to the mainland, Williams new that sunny California was the place for him and his two bandmates and the three of them took a leap. That leap has resulted in a 20+ year career for pepper, commercial success, worldwide tours and owning their dream studio, formerly owned by their idols, Pennywise.

Ralph Peterson talks about:

  • The music culture in Hawaii compared to the mainland
  • Surfing and how it relates to drumming
  • The need to always be learning
  • The importance of having goals and a vision for yourself/band
  • The first Warped Tour they ever did
  • Starting and running their own record label
  • The new model of the record business
  • Pushback from the Sublime fans early-on in Pepper’s career

Resources and Links Mentioned

  • Contact Yesod Williams: Instagram | Twitter
  • New Album: Local Motion