Donny Gruendler

132: The “other side” of the music business with Donny Gruendler

In this podcast I talk to Donny Gruendler who has been a staple on the LA scene for years. No only has Donny toured the world with artists like DJ Logic, John Madeski, the Funk Brothers and Greyboy Allstars but he’s also the Vice President Curricular Development Musicians Institute in Hollywood. This interview is extremely interesting because we get into the nitty-gritty of how Donny hit the ground running when he moved in LA and talk about the “secrets” to success in the music business. His real-world, step-by-step explanation of how he did it will serve as a valuable tool for anyone looking to move to a new city. We get heavy talking about the “other side of the music business”  that is often overlooked and unknown.

“Don’t let the success of yesterday lull you into the complacency of today” Tweet this

In this Podcast Donny Gruendler:

  • How he got started playing drums
  • His move to LA
  • How he hit the ground running
  • Overlooked aspects of the music business
  • Why talent alone isn’t enough
  • The value of creating a niche for yourself
  • The power of preparation
  • People and relationship skills
  • How to network
  • Failures and how to overcome them
  • Much more

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Dubstep Drumming
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Creating and Performing Drum Loops
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