Jost Nickel

099 – Jost Nickel: A different type of groove

In this podcast I talk to Jost Nickel, who is known for his work with German mega-star Jan Delay and his group Disko #1, as well as a master clinician and player throughout the US and the world.  Jost, born in Germany, studied in NYC and retuned to Germany as a stand out player and has carved out a successful career with his energetic and unique style, amazing time and feel and overall musical knowledge and understanding of groove.

“Evaluate the people in your life; then promote, demote, or terminate. You’re the CEO of your life!” – Tony A. Gaskins Jr

In  this podcast you’ll hear Jost Nickel talk about:

  • How he got started playing drums
  • His studies in NYC
  • How and what he practices
  • His advice for practicing “over the bar line”
  • The inspiration behind his new book “Jost Nickel Groove Book”
  • His main influences
  • Current work and what’s on the horizon
  • Much more

Resources and links

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Jost Nickel Plays:

  • Aquarian  Drumheads
  • Sonor Drums
  • Meinl Cymbals and Percussion
  • Vic Firth Drumsticks
  • Ahead Armor and Cases
  • Beyerdynamic Microphones
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