Christian Kirksey

311 – Christian Kirksey (Drummer + Starting LB Cleveland Browns): Discipline, Dedication and Sacrifice

Christian Kirksey is a man of determination. As the starting linebacker of the Cleveland Browns he knows what it takes to set his sights on a goal and attain mastery. Even more interesting is that he grew up playing drums in church and worked his way up the ranks to become the full time drummer of the church band before setting his sights on the NFL.

We chat about the parallels between what it takes to become a pro athlete, master an instrument or achieve any other goal you have your sights on.

Christain Kirksey talks about:

  • Getting starting playing drums in church
  • How he worked his way up to become the full time drummer
  • Setting his sights on the NFL at age 7
  • The reality of getting drafted
  • His rules for success
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Much more

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