Daniel Glass Show

542 – [Daniel Glass Show]: Dreaming Your Future

Although the title of this podcast might sound like a tagline from a motivational speaker, Daniel makes the case that there are concrete “techniques” we can utilize to help us visualize the future we want, and turn those dreams into realities.

What’s covered in this session:

  • Daniel defines what is meant by “dreaming your future.”
  • How it’s important to empty or quiet one’s mind to allow space for dreams, creative thoughts and solutions to enter.
  • Key activities that can help get us to this place of “dreaming” can include taking a walk, working out, yoga, meditation, prayer, being in nature, etc.
  • Daniel describes how meeting Zoro and working together on the Commandments project for 8 years helped him start to utilize his ability to dream, and helped him out of a dark place in life.
  • Daniel tells the story of how dreaming about playing on the Modern Drummer Festival in 2005 played an integral role in helping him to achieve that goal five years later.

Resources/Links/People Mentioned:

  • Manifest Your Destiny, by Wayne Dyer. This powerful book helped Daniel understand how emptying one’s mind can open the space for new and positive dreams/ideas to enter.
  • A terrific article by the legendary motivational speak Jack Canfield about visualization and using it to shape your future.
  • The Commandments of Early Rhythm and Blues Drumming. This 8-year collaboration between Daniel and his mentor Zoro resulted in a great book, but also helped Daniel understand more about how “dreaming” one’s future can lead to manifestation of those dreams.
  • A “drum battle” between Daniel and Zoro at the 2009 PASIC convention.
  • The finale solo from Daniel’s clinic at the 2010 Modern Drum Festival.