504 – Jason Sutter: BIG picture thinking for long-term stability

Jason Sutter has had a career that would make even the most discerning critic envois. From tenures with Marilyn Manson and Smashmouth to Chris Cornell his current gig with Cher, Sutter has made a name for himself by being a well-rounded, Swiss Army Knife type of player. He’s the man that can fit into any situation quickly and do the job correctly. Jason has been successful outside of drumming, too, because of his constant focus on “the big picture.” As a young musician, he was saving his tour money to invest in his future  – real estate. Knowing that the music industry is fickle Jason has made sacrifices along the way to ensure he’s in a good financial place later in life, a point that he stresses to both young and old musicians alike.

Jason Sutter talks about:

  • How he became such a diverse player
  • His time studying music at the University of North Texas
  • How to deal effectively with extravagant personalities on the road
  • Being strategic and thinking about the future of your career & life
  • His concept of the “arco of a musician’s career”
  • Becoming an art collector and consultant
  • Tips on striving for stability and setting yourself up for the future
  • Ageism in the music industry
  • Much more

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