557 – Billy Martin: Creativity is everywhere

Billy Martin can be described as many things, but the word unique comes to mind first when I think about him and his playing. As a musician, finding your own undeniable sound is the holy grail of artistic expression. Whether Billy is playing drums, bass, piano, painting or doing anything else, he’s always Billy. The beauty is if we can get out of our own way, stop thinking so much, and let our own creativity speak we too can sound identifiably unique. We explore these topics and more in this eye-opening conversation.

Note: This is Billy’s second appearance on the podcast. Listen to his first appearance here.

Billy Martin talks about:

  • Letting every part of life inspire your playing
  • His approach to teaching
  • Building off your influences to discover your own style
  • How his latest solo project has come together
  • The power of space and timing in music

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