Jason Sechrist

346 – Jason Sechrist (Portugal. The Man): An overnight success, 12 years in the making

Jason Sechrist’s band (Portugal. The Man) has been making waves lately, mainly due to their breakout hit “Feel It Still.” Maybe you’ve just started hearing their name but they’re far from rookies in this game, having formed in 2005 and gradually growing an audience across the country over the years. Jason breaks down the path to success with the band, his appreciation for “pocket” drummers and why he’s reluctant to overthink his playing.

Jason Sechrist talks about:

  • How he got into drumming
  • Some of his favorite drummers
  • Transiting from a prog drummer from a pocket drummer
  • His love for electronic musicians
  • Visualization as practice
  • Overcoming mental hurdles
  • Joining Portugal. The Man
  • Surface learning
  • Overstimulation with technology and learning to focus
  • Misrepresentation of online information
  • Why seeing drummers live is paramount
  • Being comfortable with your own playing
  • Applying technique and skill to musical settings
  • How they built their band
  • Much more

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