Scott Pellegrom

522 – Scott Pellegrom: Overcoming adversity

Scott Pellegrom has been making waves on the scene for years because of his prowess around the kit mixed with his unique style of playing. Part of his uniqueness is the way he incorporates anything he can (including a rubber chicken squeaky toy) into his setup.

But, after a freak accident, Pellegrom was forced to use his creativity in a new way and learn how to play drums with three limbs while his broken leg healed for months. The result was Scott becoming a much different player, learning to play from both sides of the kit and renewing his appreciation for drums and life.

  • The fear of losing his career due to injury
  • Keeping a positive mindset through adversity
  • The power of believing in positivity
  • Being competitive with only yourself
  • Continuing to practice and perform drums without the use of his right foot
  • Accepting your current situation and growing from it
  • Learning humility and how to ask for help
  • Achieving his long-time dream of presenting at PASIC
  • Much more

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