Liberty DeVitto

243 – Liberty DeVitto: Always original

Liberty DeVitto has done it all. He’s played to sold out stadiums around the world, recorded several multi-platinum records, and has backed some of the most iconic musicians in the world. What’s even more impressive that he’s still doing it decades later. For 30 years Liberty was the drummer for Bill Joel’s band and played on every one of Billy’s hits up until 2006. Aside from Billy Joel, Liberty has always kept high-profile company, working with artists like Stevie Nicks, The Beach Boys, Meatloaf, Elton John, and Carly Simon plus newly formed bands The Slim Kings and The Lords of 52 Street – which is mostly comprised of Billy Joel’s original band members.

Liberty DeVitto talks about:

  • Growing up listening to music in the house
  • How he met Billy Joel
  • Starting to play with Billy at the age of 24
  • Learning through playing with records
  • The magic of performing on stage and communicating with bandmates
  • The difference between small clubs and stadiums
  • On the road: Then and now
  • Leaving Billy Joel and the ensuing lawsuit
  • Understanding the business side of music
  • One of the biggest mistakes he’s made
  • Much more

Resources / Links / People mentioned

Liberty DeVitto Plays:

  • Mapex Drums
  • Evans Drumheads
  • Promark Drumsticks
  • Sabian Cymbals
  • LP Percussion

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  1. John Foster
    John Foster says:

    Great interview. Sounds like he learned drums similar to how I did – playing to records. I would be interested in knowing how he practices now and how he practiced through his career, being a self-taught drummer.

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