Patience and practice

277 – Patience and practice

It’s no secret that we all want the easiest and fastest way out. But, learning an instrument, building a career in music or anything else worth having takes time. The way you approach your journey will have an impact on whether or not you enjoy it or fizzle out from frustration, self-doubt and anger. Here’s my advice for how you can develop your patience, embrace that everything takes time and enjoy the journey along the way.

“Patience is not passive, on the contrary it is concentrated strength” – Bruce Lee (Tweet this)


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  1. Monica Sharman
    Monica Sharman says:

    I was a bit startled to see a photo of Bruce Lee on a podcast for drummers, because drumming and martial arts are both my worlds. I also take violin lessons and have seen there, too, how martial arts training and music have so much in common — including what you said at about 5:55 in the podcast, that there comes a point (or several points) where you feel you’re not making progress. So true, but they keep telling me that I am making progress; I just don’t notice it.

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