Andy Zildjian

308 – Andy Zildjian (Sabian Cymbals): The inside scoop on the cymbal biz

Sabian Cymbals was founded in 1981, when Robert Zildjian – one of the world’s great names in cymbal making came to the conclusion that drummers needed a better choice of cymbals. Armand Zildjian was in the lead to operate Zildjian, even though Robert also knew the formula for Zildjian Cymbals. Unsatisfied with the quality, the sound and the very relevance of the cymbals being manufactured at the time, Robert opened Sabian in the small eastern Canadian village of Meductic, New Brunswick. Since 1996 Andy Zildjian has been at the helm of Sabian, operating at the president. No stranger to hard work and no fan of nepotism, Andy Zildjian applied for his first job at Sabain and worked his way up the ranks to become the President. Listen in as he dives into the stories behind the scenes of two of the most infamous cymbal companies in the world.

Andy Zildjian talks about:

  • The Sabian / Zildjian Feud
  • How he worked his way up the ranks in Sabian
  • Taking over Crescent Cymbals
  • How they develop new cymbals
  • How to pick out cymbals
  • The differences between cymbals and the manufacturing process
  • Much more

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  1. Marco Noto
    Marco Noto says:

    Really interesting podcast. Left me wanting to know more about the things that Andy and the Sabian team discuss with people who visit the factory. Maybe you could do another show and go a little deeper into the characteristics of the different lines so that drummers could become a bit more educated on the product? I’d also like to hear more about why Sabian hasn’t gotten on the bandwagon with the dry cymbal trend, and why most modern large-scale cymbal manufacturers seem to have abandoned the paper thin weight crash. Maybe you could do some call in questions too. Fantastic and Andy has a great sense of humor too!

    • Nick
      Nick says:

      Thanks Marco…I have some plans to get other cymbal makers on the podcast too and would love to chat with them about the cymbal making process.

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