503 – Maison Guidry: Be true to yourself

As soon as you hear Mason Guidry play you realize that he’s a unique individual. This is reinforced when you have a conversation with him where he often draws parallels between one event and another and shares how we can all learn from them both. The introspective Guidry has gone down the road of self-discovery at a relatively young age which has resulted in him becoming a player with his own, unique sound and a human who believes in living in reality, rather than hypothetically. He’s not afraid to be his true, inner-self and hopes that you take the same approach in your playing and more importantly, in your life too.

Maison Guidry talks about:

  • How and why he changed cymbal brands
  • How to open your mind to new paradigms
  • Having control over your own perspective
  • Tips for networking and meeting people
  • The importance of execution
  • His theory on Star Wars
  • How to listen to your own thinking and not follow useless opinions
  • Much more

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