Jon Fishman

371 – Jon Fishman (Phish) Part 2: The art of constant evolution

What can be said about Jon Fishman that hasn’t already been said? Fishman and his band Phish have been going strong for 35 years with a legion of fans that follows them around the country. Whether they’re playing at one of their multiple-day festivals that attract upwards of 75K people or selling out Madison Square Garden 13 nights in a row like their recent “Bakers Dozen” stand, Jon and Phish are constantly reinventing themselves. Phish is notorious for their improvisational jams that can last up to 20 minutes and for having a different set list very night, which keeps Fishman on his toes night-after-night. That uncertainty allows him the room to grow, experiment and evolve as a player.
Jon Fishman talks about:
  • “The self-teaching guide to drumming in retrospect” thesis
  • How reality mimics sci-fi
  • Thoughts on the future and how we’ll interact as humans
  • Future plans for Phish shows (not REAL ideas…but maybe)
  • Their latest light rig and how it works
  • New Years 2016
  • Phish’s relationship with Madison Square Garden
  • How “The Baker’s Dozen” shows at MSG came about
  • His feelings about rewards and plaques
  • His ongoing trouble with shuffles
  • Lessons learned on a European trip in the 80’s
  • His new radio show
  • Much more

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