Mike Portnoy

334 – Mike Portnoy: Always looking forward

Mike Portnoy has been a trailblazer since early in his career, notable by being one of the youngest drummers to ever be inducted into the Modern Drummer hall of fame at age 37 – an honor only enjoyed by one other drummer, Neil Peart. For 25 years Mike served as the driving force behind the seminal prog-rock band, Dream Theatre and chose to leave the band to pursue other interests. These interests included a short stint with Avenge Sevenfold as well as new projects, like The Winery Dogs, Transatlantic, Flying Colors, The Neal Morse Band & Metal Allegiance. Mike may have an amazing past, but he doesn’t like to talk about it much. His only concern is looking towards the future.

Mike Portnoy talk about:

  • How he got into playing
  • His Berklee experience
  • Early influences like Bonham, Ringo, Ginger Baker, etc
  • Starting Dream Theater
  • His decision to leave Dream Theatre
  • His approach to joining and starting new bands
  • Learning a bands entire catalog of music
  • Practice techniques then and now
  • Balancing family, life and touring
  • Much more

Resources / Links People mentioned:

Mike Portnoy plays:

  • Tama Drums
  • Remo
  • Promark
  • Sabian Cymbals

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  1. Justin
    Justin says:

    Interesting episode! I’m glad to see that he is still progressing and experimenting with new styles and projects. Thanks for the awesome podcast as usual.

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