Matty Amendola

189 – Matty Amendola: One man’s journey to reshape the music industry

Matty Amendola, most notably known for his prowess behind the kit (and his amazing afro), is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, producer, and businessman. Since the age of 13 Matty has been a professional drummer and he’s quickly establishing himself as a songwriter and studio owner. Matty is promising a revolution against the current state of the music business – and he very well may be the man to lead the charge.

“We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.” – Jimmy Carter (Tweet this)

Matty Amendola talks about:

  • Growing up in with a session drummer as a father (Billy Amendola)
  • His approach to playing
  • The importance of playing multiple instruments
  • Where the music industry is going
  • His disdain for Spotify and streaming services
  • The inner-workings of his record label and production facility
  • Self awareness
  • Much more

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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