502 – Aaron Draper: Separating yourself from the pack

Aaron Draper grew up in Philadelphia, a city rich with music and no shortage of drummers like him. Understanding that he’d have to compete with every drummer in town for gigs, he decided to differentiate himself by focusing on hand and auxiliary percussion. This decision coupled with being taken under Questlove’s wing, Draper’s phone began to ring. As his profile grew, so did his resume of artists, including Jay Z, Eminem, Rhianna, John Mayer, Chromeo, Adele and a list of others.

Aaron Draper talks about:

  • Growing up in Philladelphia and learning to play as a kid in church
  • Coming up with other great musicians in Philly
  • The mental shift that goes with changing from drums to hand percussion
  • Playing with Jay-Z
  • His unique hybrid percussion set for Adele
  • Playing with John Mayer and how that’s different from Adele
  • Much more

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