Johnathan Blake

555 – Johnathan Blake: Musicality is the key

Philadelphia native Johnathan Blake is no stranger to hard work and discipline. As the son of renowned jazz violinist John Blake, Jr., Johnathan learned at an early age what it took to be a great musician. His hard work has led him to gigs with luminaries of Jazz, including his current work with the Kenny Barron/Dave Holland Trio and Maria Schneider Orchestra.

Dubbed “the ultimate modernist” by John Murph of NPR, Johnathan Blake pays tribute to the time-honored tradition of Jazz while moving it forward in a progressive way that is influencing seasoned veterans and up and comers alike.

Johnathan Blake talks about:

  • Being raised knowing the importance of education and hard work
  • His method of keeping himself on task and avoiding distractions
  • Evaluating your weaknesses so you know what to work on
  • How he motivates himself to work hard even he’s not in the mood
  • His approach to practicing
  • How learning more instruments (in addition to drumming) can improve your playing
  • The importance of learning the melody of a song

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