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426 – [Daniel Glass Show]: Playing Better Fills

In this episode, Daniel looks at count offs and fills, and explains why a deeper understanding of these “musical transitions”  can make all the difference between a good drummer and a great one.

What’s covered in this session:

  • Count Offs:
    • Why this incredibly important aspect of our job tends to be so problematic for drummers.
    • Why count offs should be practiced, just like grooves or fills.
    • Four different ways to lock into the tempo BEFORE you starting counting
    • How to properly count off so the whole band will be with you from the first beat.
  • Fills:
    • Too often we think of fills or other transitions as something other than timekeeping – so we don’t practice them in the context of the music.
    • The solution is to start slowly, adding very basic fills that arise out of  timekeeping.
    • Dividing fills into either straight eight or swung categories so they can be practiced in different musical situations.
    • Some key elements to focus on when playing cymbal crashes.
    • Remember that the crash on the end of every fill is actually beat ONE of the following bar, and must be simultaneously connected as part of the timekeeping.

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3 replies
  1. Kath
    Kath says:

    I’m a rookie drummer. Some of your podcasts are way over my head. This was perfect. Thank you! Been practising with this is mind this morning.

    • Daniel Glass
      Daniel Glass says:

      Excellent. Glad the podcast was helpful. Keep listening, and soon nothing will be over your head anymore 🙂

  2. Nick B in N Y C
    Nick B in N Y C says:

    Daniel! I gotta tell you. . . I just spent an hour straight on SLOW 60bpm basic rock groove. The space that this freed up in my head left so much room for so many things: focusing on practicing keeping time, technique, grip!, throwing up!, and getting the whole body involved. Fantastic podcast, man. See you soon!

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