Rich Redmond

447 – Rich Redmond: Audio Masterclass / Q&A

Rich Redmond has been on the podcast a few times now. Why? Because he always has insightful, experience-based info to share. This episode is from an audio masterclass and Q&A that Rich and I did a few years back where he fields questions from the audience. The audience chiming in offers a difference perspective since it’s typically just me asking the questions.

Rich Redmond talks about:

  • His CRASH philosophy
  • Bringing a positive attitude to everything you do
  • The importance and benefits of being skilled in your craft
  • How to network and meet people
  • Negotiating your fees
  • Recommended books on entrepreneurial musicians
  • Why reading notation is essential
  • How to improve your timing
  • How to stay productive during tour downtime
  • His slow and gradual climb from from small to bigger gigs
  • Much more

Resources / Links mentioned: