353 – [Daniel Glass Show]: “The Evolution of Gospel Chops” – A Conversation With Lamon Lawhorn

Gospel Chops are one of the hottest trends in drumming today. In this session, Daniel chats with noted gospel drummer and educator Lamon Lawhorn about the origins of the gospel style, and how drums managed to show up in church in the first place.

What’s covered in this session:

  • An accurate definition of terms like “Gospel Drumming” and “Gospel Chops.”
  • A discussion of how black churches first utilized drum sets in a religious setting.
  • How the church and community surrounding it function as a “training ground” for young African-American drummers today.
  • Key elements of gospel drumming like shout beats and linear fills.
  • The influence of gospel drumming in today’s pop, funk and R&B music.

Resources/Links/People Mentioned: