549 – EMAN (Andy Grammer): Putting in the hard work

EMAN is a prime example of what happens when preparation and opportunity meet. As a member of an immigrant family, EMAN learned from an early age that hard work was a requirement, no matter what career path he chose. That hard work, combined with humility, self-reflection and the never-ending quest to be better, has landed him on the stage with today’s top acts. EMAN spends most of his time on the road with multi-platinum pop artist Andy Grammer but has also worked with other notable acts like Cody Simpson and Gwen Stafani and has performed on Saturday Night Live (SNL), The Today Show, Good Morning America and a long list of other television performances.

Fun fact: EMAN co-wrote a song that was picked up for Apple’s national ad campaign for the iPhone.

EMAN talks about:

  • The work ethic that comes from having two immigrant parents
  • Dealing with personal and work related anxiety
  • The importance of representing yourself well to others
  • The value of being a good listener and taking instruction
  • The business side of performing and getting residual payments
  • Keeping the wheels turning on what he’s going to do after music
  • Being able to work in different settings

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