546 – [Daniel Glass Show]: Playing With The Countess

How does a jazz drummer end up working for a reality TV star with a boatload of dance club hits? In this episode, Daniel shares his experiences of touring with “the Countess” Luann De Lesseps (star of The Real Housewives of New York), and discusses the musical benefits that can come from putting oneself in a new and unfamiliar situation.

What’s covered in this session:

  • Daniel begins by asking the following questions:
    • What happens when a gig presents itself that seems like it may not be the “right” fit, or seems unsuited to you?
    • What kind of attitude should you have when walking into such a gig?
    • Are there benefits and takeaways from such gigs that can help us grow as musicians?
  • Daniel’s shares the story of how he began working with Countess Luann and how her show evolved from small clubs to tours of major theaters.
  • Daniel discusses how he and the band approached Luann’s electronic EDM production style by giving it more of a funky disco feel.
  • Daniel shares how he altered his drum set to fit the music, including adding a second snare “treated” with a 10″ splash cymbal.
  • Daniel discusses all the positives that this experience has had for his playing and his career, including:
    • Developing his “Four on the Floor” disco-style playing to a much deeper level.
    • Developing a new set-up and working with different types of gear and sound colors.
    • Developing a deeper relationship with his Birdland band mates through tackling new styles of music as a unit.
    • Being part of a strong professional team with a great employer (Luann) at the helm.

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