487 – Bruce Becker – Always learning, always teaching

Bruce Becker’s experiences and lengthy career make him a great resource for anyone who listens to what he has to say. Why? Because, as I see it, he’s excelled in the three main areas of being a drummer. He’s a disciplined student (famously studying with the great Freddy Gruber), an accomplished performer (global tour dates spanning decades), and a long-time master educator (students include: Daniel Glass, David Garibaldi, Tris Imboden, Mark Schulman, Glenn Sobel, and many others). Having excelled in all of these areas puts Bruce in a unique position to not only understand what his students are going through but also lend his advice for others looking to excel at their own teaching practice, find a great teacher in their own town and guide others so their time spent in the practice room translates to the bandstand. 

In this podcast you’ll hear Bruce Becker talk about:

  • How he stays focused and in the present
  • The benefits of yoga and meditation
  • How to find a good teacher
  • Fostering passion and focus in your drumming students
  • How his real world experiences as a performer inform his teaching
  • Teaching some of the world’s best drummers
  • How to deal with information overload in the information age
  • His current instructional projects
  • His experiences living and teaching in Europe
  • Much more

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