Ralph Peterson

115 – Ralph Peterson: Musicality, connectivity and the link between the two

In this podcast I talk to Ralph Peterson, who is one of the most prolific jazz drummers in the world.  Bursting on the scene in the 1980’s, Peterson’s resume boasts touring and recording with icons like Art Blakey, the Count Basie Orchestra, Betty Carter, Michael Brecker, Branford Marsalis and a long list of other jazz luminaries.  Ralph’s style, filled with power, finesse and musicality, is instantly recognizable in any one of the many recordings and live performances that he’s performed.

“Change your thoughts, and you change your world” – Norman Vincent Peale (Tweet this)

Ralph Peterson talks about:

  • His start with music and drumming
  • Musicality and the importance of it
  • His experience with Michael Carvin
  • How he uses rudiments in his playing
  • Taking control of your own career
  • Art and business
  • Connectivity of music
  • The importance of repertoire
  • Evolving to remain relevant
  • Contrapuntal motion (parallel motion, similar motion, contrary motion, and oblique motion)

Resources and Links Mentioned

Ralph Peterson Plays:

  • Vic Firth Drumsticks
  • Meinl Cymbals
  • Mapex Drums

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