Aaron Steele

486 – Aaron Steele: Taking the good with the bad

Aaron Steele has had his fair share ups, downs, twists and turns. From quitting drums to focus on breakdancing to signing a record deal and having the band break up before their first release to joining Portugal. The Man, and Playing everything from cinematic electronic instrumentals with Chrome Sparks to Rootsy Singer Songwriters like Peter Bradley Adams, his journey proves that there is no straight line to success. Aaron is a product of hard work, determination and honest self-awareness which serves as a compass for his career and craft.

In this podcast you’ll hear Aaron Steele talk about:

  • How he stepped away from drums 2 times, then got back into drumming
  • His thoughts on innate talent vs. circumstance
  • His conversation with Marcus Baylor that relit his fire for drumming
  • How he got back into drumming and getting gigs after his break
  • Bouncing back and forth between LA and NYC while identifying his sound
  • His advice for getting gigs
  • Working with José James, Jamie Lidell and many others
  • Much more

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