Shawn Thomas

136 – A multi-millionaire’s guide to achieving your goals: with Shawn Thomas of Ask A Millionaire

In this podcast I talk ton Shawn Thomas, who is known for his online brand “Ask A Millionaire.” Although the name may sound off-putting at first, Shawn’s mission is clear – use the knowledge he’s amassed creating wealth and help others set and achieve their own goals and serve as a mentor to others globally. How does this tie into Drummer’s Resource? Well, not only was shawn in the music business as a teen (playing Madison Square Garden for an 8-week stint) but he’s also a successful entrepreneur and business coach. I’ve made the comparisons before that I STRONGLY believe that every musician needs to think like a businessman and be entrepreneurial in spirit. Success leaves clues and whether want to play at Madison Square Garden or get some motivation achieve your goals, Shawn’s message will leave you knowing that anything is possible…but you have to work hard.

“We must travel in the direction of our fear.” – John Berryman (Tweet this)

In this podcast Shawn Thomas talks about:

  • His early career in the music business
  • Playing at MSG for 8-weeks straight
  • The principles of goal setting and hard work
  • The “lost decade” of his life
  • The comparisons of musicians and businessmen
  • Discovering yourself
  • Much more

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